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Product category
Cobalt sulfate
Product introduction

Chemical formula: CoSO4.7H2O
Relative molecular weight: 281.10
Appearance: rose red crystal
CAS Number: 10124-43-3
Main use: Mainly used as raw material for ceramic glaze, pigment and ternary materials of power battery

Product category and standards
Co content 20.5 %min
Impurity content, not more than% Na 0.002 %max
Ca 0.002 %max
Cu 0.001 %max
Mg 0.002 %min
Ni 0.005 %max
Fe 0.001 %max
Pb 0.001 %max
Zn 0.001 %min
As 0.001 %max
水不溶物 0.01 %max
油分 0.001 %max
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