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Preventing the epidemic, ensuring safety, and stabilizing production: Ganfeng Lithium will resume work in an orderly manner
Release time:2020-06-28

On February 17, the strong cold air from Siberia left the territory along the central and eastern land. The blue sky and warm sun after rain and snow announced the end of the strong cold wave. After the rain has passed, everything has recovered. With the effective control of the national epidemic, under the premise of implementing epidemic prevention measures and ensuring the safety of employees, Ganfeng Lithium's companies and factories have resumed work one after another.



Preparation before resuming work



Set the clock back to the Spring Festival holiday.

After the outbreak, the group urgently established the Ganfeng Lithium Industry Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group, with Chairman Li Liangbin as the team leader, Vice President Ouyang Ming as the executive deputy team leader, and each vice president as the deputy team leader, continuing to communicate with all production units and departments. Conduct online communication, rehearse the epidemic prevention plan, and supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention measures to lay a solid foundation for employee safety precautions after resumption of work.

In the end, the group formulated detailed standards for resumption of work based on the ground investigation, and temporarily excluded employees who were stranded in Wuhan, lived in communities and villages with confirmed cases, needed to travel by public transportation, and had symptoms of physical symptoms from the resumption list to ensure that the employees themselves and Safety of company colleagues.



No dead ends protection




Strict entry testing


Strict registration and temperature measurement are required for entry. Those who do not meet the standards for resumption of work or whose temperature is unqualified will be persuaded to return home for observation or self-isolation.



Comprehensive disinfection


Corridors, workshops, elevators and other places are fully disinfected many times a day to reduce the possibility of virus survival.



Before entering the office, the soles of the shoes must be stepped on to prevent the virus from being brought into the room.



Masks distributed across the group

The masks purchased by the group have become a profit for the new year and are deployed by the functional departments to every employee.



After the resumption of work, all employees in the Group's factories, workshops, and offices must wear masks to work.



Prevent gatherings for meals


The group has established a strict dining process, which is divided into departments and time periods to prevent excessive gathering of people.

In factories such as 10,000 tons of lithium salt, meals are packaged and delivered to various positions, and employees dine independently.



Code of Conduct for Epidemic Prevention


After sorting and printing in advance by logistics colleagues, various code of conduct posters and epidemic prevention slogans were posted in the park to provide safety guidance for employees to resume work.

There are many similar protective measures and publicity, such as canceling large meetings, regular department meetings, reception activities, canceling employee shuttle buses, reducing the number of workers, implementing closed management of factories and parks, and ensuring production progress.

As a big family, Ganfeng Lithium always puts the safety and health of family members in the first place, and it is Ganfeng's responsibility to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for every family member.



​Out of the haze of the epidemic



After the resumption of work at the end of the epidemic, the people of Ganfeng demonstrated their responsibility and responsibility: attach great importance to it, strictly control, and strive to minimize the probability of infection. At the same time, the people of Ganfeng also showed confidence in the future: I believe that the epidemic will always pass and normal work and life are coming.

For the people of Ganfeng, the beginning of 2020 will become a collective memory that is different from the past: in workshops and factories filled with a faint smell of disinfectant, everyone will continue to produce products, process parts, and debug equipment as always. Many years later, on a dull day, either the smell of disinfectant suddenly floats, or a young man wearing a mask ran into the face, those scenes and figures from the epidemic will resurface.

These figures in the depths of memory will become the spiritual pillar that has always been with us: no matter what kind of adversity, Ganfeng people will not give up hope, and will continue to struggle for life and ideals.


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