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Seventeen events to understand the 2019 of Ganfeng Lithium
Release time:2020-06-28

2019 is coming to an end

This year, the lithium industry was surging. New energy vehicle policy adjustments, the Nobel Prize in chemistry has fallen into the field of lithium batteries, the fluctuation of lithium prices, the acceleration of global automobile electrification...



This year, Ganfeng Lithium continued to adhere to the concept of "Using Limited Resources to Create Infinite Value". Management upgrades, globalization, technological innovation, and sustainable development have left a solid footprint in every direction.

Who doesn't leave one foot in history and the other step into the future?

Strengthen corporate governance

Improve enterprise core competitiveness

Ganfeng's 2019 starts with the upgrade of internal control management.


May 10th, Ganfeng Business School management cadre training


June 29th, organizational structure adjustment


On December 06, the organization took the oath of integrity and self-discipline

"If management can't keep up, no matter how towering the pagoda is, it will collapse from the bottom; if management can't keep up, no amount of profits can withstand corruption and waste." Li Liangbin, chairman of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, defined 2019 as the "management year" and called on the people of Ganfeng to "dare to reform their own lives" and promote "internal control management to a new level!"

As the core content of corporate ESG, corporate governance is very important. With the repeated scrutiny of the management and the assistance of consulting agencies, Ganfeng embarked on adjustments to the organizational structure, more efficient resource allocation, younger management cadres, and clarification of job responsibilities to adapt to the many new challenges brought about by the rapid development of the company and realize the company Strategic objectives.

On the other hand, combating corruption and advocating integrity has also become an important management issue for Ganfeng in 2019. In order to prevent internal corruption, Ganfeng carried out anti-corruption propaganda such as "building a clean spirit and maintaining a righteous spirit", adhering to the principle of "corruption must be opposed, corruption must be punished, case investigation must be investigated, and violations must be investigated" to create efficiency, integrity and integrity Working atmosphere.


Parallel investment and cooperation

Steady progress in globalization

In 2019, Ganfeng Lithium's global layout will go further.


On March 19, the equity transaction for RIM was completed, and the shareholding increased to 50%


On March 27th, it subscribed for 77,633,871 shares of Pilbara's private placement, and held 8.37% of Pilbara after the transaction was completed


On April 02, it increased its stake in Minera Exar and will hold 50% of Minera Exar after the transaction is completed


On April 08, signed a "Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation" with Volkswagen Germany


On June 29, subscribed for 29.99% of Bacanora’s equity and 22.5% of its lithium clay project company Sonora


On December 12, signed a "Long Term Supply Agreement" with BMW of Germany

At the investment level, Ganfeng made equity investments in mining companies to obtain high-quality lithium resources worldwide; promoted the progress of salt lake projects, focusing on extracting lithium from brine to reduce manufacturing costs; participating in clay projects to explore a richer lithium resource portfolio to hedge market risks.

At the level of customer cooperation, Ganfeng has established long-term strategic partnerships with the world’s top car companies to not only meet the needs of car companies for key lithium raw materials for battery production, accelerate the process of electrification, but also enhance the sustainable profitability of Ganfeng Lithium. The long-term development of the company.


Technology innovation driven

Improve ecological layout

In 2019, various business lines of Ganfeng Lithium also gained more gains, and the ecosystem is booming.


In the whole year, more than 100 patents were applied for and more than 60 authorized patents


In early January, TWS headset batteries went into production


On April 30, the construction scale of the 25,000-ton battery-grade lithium hydroxide project was expanded to increase the annual output to 50,000 tons of battery-grade lithium hydroxide


On August 2nd, Jiangxi Province Lithium Battery New Materials and Application Industry National Expert Service Base was unveiled

Battery-grade lithium hydroxide is one of the core raw materials for automotive power batteries. TWS headsets are the next growth point in the consumer electronics field. Patents and talent reserves are the core reasons for Ganfeng's smooth deployment in various fields.

From midstream lithium processing to downstream lithium battery production, Ganfeng transforms its technological advantages into product kinetic energy. With the advantages of upstream and downstream integration, it leverages the synergies between different sectors to deploy horizontally in lithium-related industries and provide customers in more fields with quality product.


Practice corporate social responsibility

Adhere to the sustainable development strategy

In 2019, Ganfeng Lithium Industry keeps in mind the mission of "using limited lithium resources to create a green, clean and healthy life for human development and progress", and has shown a greater responsibility to the industry and the world.


In January, the second phase of the Ganfeng cycle project "12000t/a ternary precursor expansion project" was launched. It is expected that the waste lithium battery processing capacity will reach 100,000 tons after it is completed and put into operation.


On February 22, donated 200,000 yuan to the "Music Sounds" music classroom charity project of the Jiangxi Democratic National Construction Tongxin Poverty Alleviation Foundation to supplement the shortcomings of country music education


On March 29th, released the 2018 Sustainability Report, in-depth interpretation of the company's social responsibility concept, work measures and performance


In June, organize safety production month activities to protect employees' occupational health

It is predicted that by 2020, my country will produce about 240,000 tons of decommissioned lithium-ion batteries, and in 2022, 530,000 tons of decommissioned lithium-ion batteries will be produced. In order to prevent pollution and re-use rare resources such as non-ferrous metals, Ganfeng regards the recycling of lithium batteries as one of its future development strategies and recycles natural resources.

In fact, Ganfeng has integrated sustainable development into the implementation of various projects: choosing a more environmentally friendly method of extracting lithium from salt lakes, implementing safety guarantees based on people, internally supporting families with needy employees, and actively participating in poverty alleviation projects externally.



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