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Tribute to Ganfeng women: your eyes are the brightest stars
Release time:2020-06-28

March 8, 2020, the 110th International Women's Day.

This is an extremely special Women's Day. At the beginning of the new year, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia virus struck, and countless female workers, regardless of personal safety, fought on the front line to fight the epidemic.

In Ganfeng Lithium, there are also such a group of heroines: they are strategizing and formulating detailed anti-epidemic strategies; they are charging forward, building a safety barrier with the thermometer in their hands and the protective clothing on their bodies; they stick to their posts and are stable Under both hands, one by one high-quality products are formed on the assembly line...

On the occasion of Women's Day, Li Liangbin, chairman of Ganfeng Lithium, recorded a video of holiday greetings to express his sincere gratitude to the new women in Ganfeng for their selfless dedication.


The other side of Ganfeng women


Nearly a hundred years ago, when the women’s liberation movement had not yet blossomed, Lu Xun asked "What happens after Nora is gone?" In his view, only women have the real economic capacity and participate in social life, and they are not limited to small families and do not regard marriage as Women’s only career will truly gain freedom and equal rights.

Ganfeng Lithium has 1,550 female employees, and every important position in logistics, production, and management is full of images of running back and forth. They may be mothers, wives, or daughters, but in addition to these roles, they also have professional faces that are never lost to men.

They used courage and perseverance to escort the normal operation of Ganfeng Lithium.



Mother,Career women



From Shanxi, she is the mother of a one-year-old child. In order to ensure the normal production of the enterprise, she hurried back to Jiangxi as soon as possible after the holiday, and the cry of the child accompanied her across 1,600 kilometers in her mind.

After arriving at the company, she checked the quantity of supplies in the warehouse during the day, and at night through her mobile phone and video of the child. Young children have walked around the back of the phone countless times to find their mother, but they are always disappointed. In the end, she didn't even dare to appear on the screen and could only look at the child from a distance.

She wrote in the record: "For a better future, we will work hard together! Love you my little cutie!"

Child, please forgive me for not being able to accompany you, just because my mother wants to use her own hands to bring a bright future to our family.


Ganfeng's umbrella



When the epidemic came, they from the Ganfeng Safety and Environmental Protection Department became the most solid and reliable barriers for the company.

Allocate sufficient masks, protective clothing, temperature measuring guns, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials for the group to ensure the safety of employees returning to work; arrange 24-hour shifts; measure employees' body temperature; disinfect the workplace; control and control foreign vehicles; inspect employees' food and lodging tours-if A detailed listing of their responsibilities is almost a guide for epidemic prevention.

In their eyes, it is their duty to ensure the safety of employees. Therefore, they stand in front of the door, in the corridor, and in the canteen with the temperature measuring gun and disinfectant in their hands to isolate the epidemic from the enterprise.

It is precisely because of them that Ganfeng employees can resume work without worrying about the epidemic.


Our backing



On the first day after entering the logistics department, she realized that her actions or omissions would affect the daily work and life of her colleagues. This has been infinitely amplified when the epidemic comes.

Fortunately, she never slackened. How to provide the safest dormitory arrangements for employees in closed factories? How can everyone avoid gatherings during meals? How to solve the dormitory hardware damage in the absence of suppliers? These problems can be solved in her hands, reasonable use of the factory space, implementation of the meal delivery system, and hands-on repair of equipment...

After an epidemic, she coordinated, planned, and repaired all 18 martial arts classes. With her all-round support, the employees in the factory were able to enjoy the same working atmosphere as usual.

"She is our most solid backing." When she heard this comment, she would feel that all her efforts were worthwhile.


Beyond geography



If it weren't for the epidemic, Argentina's ella (Spanish "she") and Jiangxi's might never overlap.

After the outbreak, the group purchased epidemic prevention materials from Argentina, and ella was one of the responsible persons. She is the last hand responsible for sending the supplies to the urban medical and administrative institutions.

Ella purchased 64,900 pairs of n95 masks, 10,000 pairs of n100 masks, and 15,000 sets of protective clothing for China. "Come on, China! Come on Xinyu!" is her slogan printed on the materials. In order to deliver the disinfectant and other materials to the People's Hospital, the Center for Disease Control, the Sanitation Department and other institutions as soon as possible, she rushed from dawn to dark.

Whether at home or abroad, Ganfeng women are doing their best to fight for the country's anti-epidemic work.


Challenges and changest



She belongs to the human resources department, accounting department, sales department, finance department, audit department, president's office, securities investment department, design department... In the past, they were functional departments, dealing with computers, tables, and data every day, but this time , They came to the front line in order to support the production schedule, fighting with the senior employees around them.

The red armband printed with "new employee" has become their logo. After professional and meticulous training, with the help of old employees, product parts replace keyboards and become their working partners. Even if they are newbies, their products still pass strict and even rigorous product reviews.

Perhaps those product users will probably never know the story behind this batch of "limited editions". But they don't care. As a functional department, they are used to being behind-the-scenes workers, paying silently without saying a word.





"Thank you very much for choosing Ganfeng Lithium. I will introduce you to our specific treatment..." This scene did not happen between two face-to-face interviews. There is no interviewer in front of them, only a computer screen.


In order to prevent crowds from gathering during the epidemic, Ganfeng HR staff first introduced a video interview mode to interact with interviewers remotely. Nowadays, all interviewees from all over the world can get their recognition through the Internet and become a part of them.

When difficulties come, some people will choose to escape, but they will choose the best solution.

As long as they believe in themselves and make efforts, all obstacles will make way for them.


They are Li Xuechao, Xie Kelian, Liao Maonv, Lu Sihua, Wen Lihong, Peng Lijuan, Nati, Gui Shasha, Li Lingling... They are 1550 new Ganfeng women.


Thank you the most beautiful


The sea is flowing, and it is especially true of a woman.

Bing Xin said that if there were no women in the world, the world would lose at least five tenths of truth, six tenths of goodness, and seven tenths of beauty. On this special March 8th International Women's Day, the Ministry of Corporate Culture collected nearly 100 work photos of Ganfeng women.

The masks cover their different faces, but they highlight their equally shiny eyes.



Your eyes are the most shining stars,

Guide the direction for the helmsman sailing in the epidemic.

We are all looking forward to,

When the mask is taken off,

The day when the innocent smile appeared.



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