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Ganfeng Lithium Joins China ESG Leaders Organization
Release time:2020-06-28

Recently, Ganfeng Lithium officially joined the Chinese ESG Leaders Organization and became the first lithium industry company among the board members.

ESG, the abbreviation for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, is used to evaluate the sustainable development capability of an enterprise. Since it was first used as an investment reference in 2006, ESG has received increasing attention from regulators, investors and practitioners. In the latest "Securities Law" promulgated in China, the sustainable development capability replaces the profit clause for three consecutive years, confirming that ESG data is becoming a new standard for enterprises.

As the world's leading lithium ecological enterprise, Ganfeng's lithium industry attributes naturally conform to the direction of sustainable development. At the ESG level, Ganfeng takes a number of measures to ensure that the company's production and operation processes realize environmental and social values.

Environmental protection:

The company uses lithium compounds, metals and batteries as its main products, which are widely used in electric vehicles, clean energy storage and other fields to reduce carbon emissions generated by fossil fuels; it has a complete battery recycling program to repeatedly regenerate resources in waste batteries Utilization, the comprehensive recycling project of retired lithium batteries with an annual processing capacity of 34,000 tons has been put into operation, and its processing capacity is planned to be increased to 100,000 tons.

Social responsibility:

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company used its characteristic industrial advantages to provide battery products for forehead guns and other medical equipment, and was selected as a list of key companies for epidemic prevention and control; at the same time, it purchased a large amount of disinfectant, masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials from domestic and overseas , Donated to the front line of anti-epidemic. In the daily operation of the company, priority is given to purchasing agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas in response to consumer poverty alleviation policies; Chairman Li Liangbin donated music classes to schools in remote areas to fill up the shortcomings of quality education; established corporate mutual aid funds for employees in the face of major diseases or accidents And the family provides relief funds.

Corporate Governance:

The company attaches great importance to the diversification of the board of directors and actively leverages the advantages of female managers; the management team has profound industry and management experience; Integrity and self-discipline are also the creed that Ganfeng has long adhered to. The company has formulated a clear reporting process and has held numerous anti-corruption initiatives. activity.

After joining the Chinese ESG Leaders Organization, Ganfeng will continue to uphold the mission of "utilizing limited lithium resources to create a green, clean and healthy life for the development and progress of mankind", contribute more to the environment and society, and promote good , Environmentally friendly business civilization.

The Chinese ESG Leaders Organization was formally established on November 28, 2019. It is a business leader enterprise organization led by Sina Finance and jointly established by companies with outstanding performance in the ESG field in China. The organization has gathered 29 outstanding members in the ESG field, including Sina, Ping An of China, BOE, Haier Group, and Ganfeng Lithium, to jointly help achieve the sustainable development goals of the Chinese economy.


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