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Ganfeng Lithium accelerates industrial vehicle power battery industry layout
Release time:2020-08-04

On July 23, Jiangsu Ganfeng Power Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, officially moved into a new plant, and completed equipment replacement and production capacity improvement, which can shorten the product delivery time to 7-15 days.

Jiangsu Ganfeng takes the lithium battery system of industrial vehicles as its main product to provide customers with long-life, high-endurance, maintenance-free, and customizable power system solutions, and promote the iteration of industrial vehicles from lead-acid batteries to iron-lithium batteries.



The second turning point of the industrial vehicle market



Looking at the development of industrial vehicles, it began with the advent of the first forklift in the 1820s. As a result of saving a lot of manpower, forklifts have always maintained the core position of the main products in the industrial vehicle industry.

The first upgrade of the industrial vehicle market occurred in the first decade of the 21st century: in 2008, the sales of electric forklifts in the United States and Japan accounted for 50%, and in Western Europe it reached 75%-because it is more environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor transportation , Electric forklifts gradually replaced internal combustion engine forklifts and became the mainstream of the global industry. The domestic forklift electrification process is a little late. According to statistics from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales of electric forklifts in 2019 increased by 3.83% year-on-year, and the market accounted for 48%, which is evenly matched with internal combustion forklifts.



The second forklift product change is coming. In the past, the power supply of electric forklifts was mainly composed of lead-acid batteries, but lead-acid batteries have problems such as high operation and maintenance costs, short life, low charge and discharge efficiency, and environmental protection. Compared with the superior performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries, they only have a price advantage. With the decline in the price of lithium lithium carbonate in 2018 and the state issued a document to impose a 4% consumption tax on lead-acid batteries, the cost advantage of lead-acid batteries is unsustainable, and the popularization of lithium-powered batteries in the industrial vehicle market is imperative.

Lead-acid battery forklifts have long been the main force of electric forklifts. It is conservatively estimated that the market stock is still in the order of millions. For users and manufacturers of lead-acid forklifts, the cost of directly replacing forklifts is too high, and replacement of iron-lithium batteries alone becomes the most cost-effective choice.

Lead-acid-iron-lithium battery direct replacement technology came into being. This technology is not only applied to lead-acid forklifts, but also covers other mainstream products in industries such as floor scrubbers, tractors, and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).



Build the core power of industrial vehicles



Jiangsu Ganfeng was established in 2016, formerly known as Jiangsu Yuanrong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Its R&D team comes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and is committed to assisting customers in completing low-cost iterations of lead-acid-lithium iron battery power systems for industrial vehicles.



As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ganfeng Lithium, Jiangsu Ganfeng relies on the supply of raw materials from Ganfeng Lithium and the power battery plant, from upstream lithium resources to downstream battery terminals, to efficiently coordinate to ensure that the industrial vehicle battery production line has superior quality and Sufficient production capacity.

At the technical level, Jiangsu Ganfeng has a complete matrix power battery system patent and rich experience in application, testing and service:



Exclusive direct replacement technology


Jiangsu Ganfeng's five main lithium iron phosphate battery series, 12V, 24V, 48V, 80V, and 96V, can easily replace lead-acid batteries for industrial vehicles. The direct replacement technology has high compatibility, and the power system can be upgraded without replacing the charger (device) and electronic control system of the original lead-acid equipment.



BMS module


The BMS module has independent technical patents, and its active equalization technology can effectively balance the entire charging and discharging process to support more than 3 times the fast charging efficiency and extend the battery life to 8 to 10 years; built-in protection strategies such as power failure protection and power reminder , Set up self-checking and remote monitoring functions to ensure good product performance in all aspects, realize the maintenance-free power system in the true sense, and greatly reduce the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance costs.



Quick response, instant feedback


Jiangsu Ganfeng integrates cloud data management technology into the lithium battery system, covering data content such as location, activity, fault, product parameters, etc. The refresh frequency is only 7ms, which can accurately respond to product problems remotely and quickly make fault warnings or diagnoses , In order to achieve real-time monitoring and immediate feedback service support.



Background visualization


The above data content will be displayed in the enterprise monitoring background, the status and usage of the forklift power system are clear at a glance, and it can support 20,000 sets of equipment to browse online at the same time. Jiangsu Ganfeng will also provide data customization and export services based on customer needs, and assist in completing workload statistics and other data services.



At present, Jiangsu Ganfeng has applied lead-acid-lithium iron battery direct replacement technology to industrial vehicles in supermarkets, warehousing, logistics and other scenarios to help customers complete the transformation of power systems and jointly enter a more efficient and cleaner iron-lithium era.



Broaden downstream layout

Increasing resource tilt

Promote plate resonance



In March 2020, Ganfeng Lithium will adjust its organizational structure and set up an independent Ganfeng Lithium Battery Division to completely open up Xinyu Ganfeng Electronics, Power Battery Factory, Dongguan Ganfeng Electronics, Jiangsu Ganfeng Power, Zhejiang Fengli New Energy, etc. The research, production, supply, and sales capabilities of the battery business between subsidiaries maximize the synergy of different businesses and production lines.



Take Jiangsu Ganfeng as an example: the production line capacity of the power battery factory and the solid-state battery technology of Zhejiang Fengli New Energy can empower the power system of industrial vehicles; and the real-time monitoring of industrial vehicle batteries based on the BMS module can also enable After the power battery is decommissioned, the cost of inspection is greatly reduced, and the energy storage business of the power battery factory is used for tiered utilization, which further improves the resource utilization rate.

Ganfeng Lithium started in the midstream lithium compound production, and now its business lines have covered the upper, middle and lower reaches of the lithium industry. With the adjustment of organizational structure and the integration of business units, Ganfeng will further tilt resources to the lithium battery sector and vigorously support the development of battery products. Jiangsu Ganfeng's factory relocation and Xinyu Ganfeng Electronics' expansion plan are all derived from this.

Exchange inputs for output, and exchange resources for synergy between sectors. In the future, Ganfeng will continue to broaden the boundaries around the lithium industry, build a world-class enterprise integrating upstream and downstream of the lithium industry, and build a lithium ecology with partners in various fields to create a green, clean and healthy life for human development and progress.


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