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Annual production of 10GWh battery project put into operation
Release time:2022-07-02

On January 22, 2022, the second phase of Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Battery's new lithium battery project with an annual output of 10GWh was put into production and the world premiere ceremony of the Dongfeng-Ganfeng solid-state battery E70 demonstration vehicle was held in Xinyu. The fully automated production line of the new lithium battery with an annual output of 10GWh will be Put into operation, the production capacity of Ganfeng lithium electric power and energy storage batteries has been greatly improved; the first batch of 50 Dongfeng E70 electric vehicles equipped with Ganfeng solid-state batteries has been officially delivered, and the commercialization path of solid-state batteries has become clearer.


Xu Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Xinyu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Shu Yongzhong, Deputy Mayor of Xinyu City, Yu Guojie, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, You Zheng, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Motor Group, Tan Minqiang, Director of the Technology Center of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., Ganfeng Lithium Li Liangbin, chairman of the industry, Ge Zhimin, president of Ganfeng Lithium, and other leaders attended the ceremony.


Li Liangbin, chairman of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, pointed out in his speech: "Today, we took the lead in realizing the industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries, and achieved the first loading operation with Dongfeng Motor, which has epoch-making significance in my country's lithium battery industry and is a milestone event in the industry. "


10GWh project put into operation, Ganfeng lithium battery production capacity has reached a new level


The second phase of Ganfeng Lithium Power Plant has a total construction area of ​​330,000 square meters and a designed annual production capacity of 10GWh, including production lines for lithium iron phosphate square hard-shell cells, soft-pack cells and solid-state batteries. The biggest productivity increase. "Ganfeng's new lithium battery project, as a benchmark project, took less than 10 months from breaking ground to completion and commissioning, fully demonstrating the spirit of Ganfeng and creating the speed of Ganfeng." Yu Guojie, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, said Ganfeng's lithium battery project construction ability fully recognized.


The project further improves the intelligence, automation and standardization of Ganfeng lithium battery production lines, and optimizes product quality control capabilities; the highly integrated automated production line has more than three times the efficiency of traditional manual operations. Relying on the real-time feedback and traceability of the whole process ERP and MES, supplemented by advanced coating, filming, winding and other production equipment and processes, product consistency is more guaranteed.


"This project is a demonstration and test of the capabilities of Ganfeng's battery technology management team," Li Liangbin pointed out, "After the project is put into production, it will further expand the scale of the lithium battery industry in Xinyu City, increase the concentration of the lithium battery industry, and drive the development of the lithium battery industry, in order to build a global lithium battery highland. provide strong support.”


In recent years, with the continuous maturity of technology, products, markets, etc., Ganfeng Lithium has deployed a number of lithium battery projects in Xinyu, Huizhou, Chongqing and other places, involving power, energy storage, consumer electronics, solid-state batteries and other fields. . Marked by the commissioning of the second-phase project of the power plant, the battery production capacity of Ganfeng Lithium Battery will be more comprehensively improved in the future.


Dongfeng + Ganfeng, the commercialization attempt of solid-state electric vehicles


In the first batch of mass-produced electric vehicles, solid-state batteries use solid-state materials such as solid electrolyte separators to completely improve battery safety and energy density from the perspective of material systems. In multiple tests, solid-state batteries maintain excellent safety characteristics under harsh conditions such as needling, extrusion or high temperature.


"Dongfeng Technology Center and Ganfeng Lithium Battery have cooperated for many years based on the research and development of solid-state batteries", while reviewing the cooperation process, You Zheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Group, also expressed his expectations for the future, "Dongfeng-Ganfeng high specific energy solid state The world premiere of battery demonstration operation will take the lead in firing the first shot of solid-state battery industrialization in my country."


Shi Jianpeng, the project leader of Dongfeng Technology Center, also affirmed the great value of solid-state projects: "Solid-state batteries are the most promising next-generation power battery technology due to their advantages of high specific energy, high safety, and easy recycling, which can effectively solve the safety problems of traditional lithium batteries. The problem of inability to balance performance and energy density. This time, through the cooperation between Dongfeng and Ganfeng, we have broken through the first real mass production of solid-state batteries and achieved demonstration operations!”


The concept of solid-state batteries has a long history. Dr. Xu Xiaoxiong, the leader of Ganfeng’s lithium battery solid-state team, also has more than 20 years of solid-state R&D experience. How to convert technical capabilities into product strength is a problem that Ganfeng and the entire industry has been thinking about. With the gradual advancement of the solid-state battery demonstration operation project with Dongfeng, the two parties finally confirmed the core idea of ​​​​directed to real vehicle mass production and real-world testing, and completed product iterations in actual combat.


After the completion of this delivery, Ganfeng Lithium Battery will make appropriate adjustments to the product according to the actual driving and charging conditions of the electric vehicle, gradually improve the application experience of the power battery, and continue to improve its key parameters such as safety and energy density. Apply improvements to solid-state battery products.


In Ganfeng Lithium's view, the world premiere of Dongfeng-Ganfeng solid-state battery E70 mass-produced electric vehicles has opened a new era of large-scale application of Chinese solid-state batteries in mid-to-high-end electric vehicles.


In the future, Ganfeng Lithium Battery will continue to deepen cooperation with Dongfeng Motor and other well-known car companies in new solid-state battery technologies and new products, expand application and promotion, provide users with safer and better quality batteries and electric vehicle products, and lead power batteries. In the new era, we will dream of a better low-carbon future.


"We are in the tide of the development of an era, the global new energy vehicle industry is booming, and my country's "dual carbon" target strategic plan provides a rare historical opportunity for the rapid development of the lithium battery industry. Leading the era of solid-state, building a low-carbon future together, solid-state New battery technology has brought us into a new era." Li Liangbin said


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