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Ganfeng Lithium won the 2023 Fortune China ESG Impact List and Wall Street Journal's "ESG Innovation Experiment of the Year"
Release time:2023-12-12

On May 5, 2023, the 2023 Fortune China ESG Impact List was announced, and Ganfeng Lithium, with its continuous innovation and proactive efforts in the ESG field, secured a place on the list. In the inaugural ESG Annual Innovation Experiment List published by Wall Street News, Ganfeng Lithium was honored with the "Environmental Protection Innovation Case Award." Against the backdrop of the national "carbon neutrality" and "peak carbon" strategies, Ganfeng Lithium has demonstrated proactive initiatives in the ESG fields of environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Through continuous innovation in green and low-carbon technologies, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, leading the lithium industry towards high-quality and sustainable development.

Since the introduction of the dual carbon strategy goals, ESG has become a strategic topic that companies increasingly value. In the two lists that Ganfeng was recognized in, the evaluation dimensions covered various aspects of ESG, including the quality of ESG data and practical case experiences.

In its production processes, Ganfeng has implemented measures such as changing energy structures and increasing the proportion of green electricity, weaving low-carbon and environmentally friendly practices and experiences throughout the full lifecycle of production. The aim is to provide the industry with the greenest new energy raw materials. Since its establishment in 2000, Ganfeng has supplied approximately 450,000 tons of lithium salt products to the new energy industry chain, fully meeting the demands of downstream new energy vehicles. From 2015 to 2022, new energy vehicles equipped with Ganfeng's lithium salt products traveled over 129 billion kilometers globally. These vehicles have helped society reduce over 32.26 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to the global transition to a green and low-carbon circular economy.

As GanfengLithium continues its low-carbon operation project at the lithium salt plant, the company actively explores energy-saving and environmentally friendly processes to minimize external impacts from production operations. Through methods such as zero wastewater discharge, dust reduction in warehousing, and denitrification technology upgrades, Ganfeng is constructing a green production line. By incorporating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage operations, and recycling of by-products, Ganfeng is advancing the digitization, informatization, and intelligent transformation of its factories. The goal is to create a green, environmentally friendly, and innovative product portfolio. The company achieves comprehensive recycling of retired lithium batteries in a pollution-free manner, integrating the concept of green water and green mountains throughout the entire manufacturing and business chain.

GanfengLithium will consistently adhere to its mission of "utilizing limited lithium resources to create a green, clean, and healthy life for human development and progress." Through its concrete actions, the company practices the operational philosophy of green development, actively explores leading sustainable development management systems, continuously enhances innovation capabilities, and empowers various industries with clean, green, and cutting-edge lithium salt products.


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