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GanfengLiEnergy 3.4MWp Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Grid Connected Successfully
Release time:2023-12-12

July 6, GanfengLiEnergy's rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project at the GanfengLiEnergy Power Factory officially connected to the grid and commenced operation.

The project has an installed capacity of 3.4 megawatts, making full use of the factory's rooftop as a photovoltaic site. The generated electricity is utilized for GanfengLiEnergy's production and operations. Any excess electricity that cannot be consumed is fed into the grid. The project is expected to generate approximately 3,522 MWh of electricity annually, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 2,520 tons and increasing the proportion of green electricity at the source.

GanfengLiEnergy places great emphasis on the impact of its production and operations on the ecological environment. As early as 2021, GanfengLiEnergy's 10,000-ton lithium salt factory successfully connected its photovoltaic project to the grid. In Argentina, around GanfengLiEnergy's Mariana lithium brine project, a 120 MW photovoltaic power station has been constructed, ensuring the project relies on 100% sustainable energy and annually reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 157,000 tons.

GanfengLiEnergy's Power Factory is located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, focusing on the research and development of lithium-ion solid-state batteries, power batteries, energy storage batteries, battery modules, and packs covering various levels from milliampere-hours to hundred ampere-hours. Providing a cleaner energy source for people's green travel.

GanfengLiEnergy consistently integrates its green and low-carbon business philosophy throughout the entire lithium battery production chain. With the successful grid connection of the 3.4 MWp distributed photovoltaic power generation project, GanfengLiEnergy will accelerate its green and sustainable development, producing lithium batteries that are not only high in safety and long-lasting but also more environmentally friendly, contributing to a green and low-carbon future.


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