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GanfengLithium’s MSCI ESG Rating Upgraded to Level A
Release time:2023-12-12

MSCI, an internationally recognized ESG index provider, released the 2023 ESG rating results, and GanfengLithium saw an upgrade from BBB to A. This improvement is attributed to GanfengLithium's innovative initiatives in key areas such as corporate governance, carbon reduction, and waste emission reduction, showcasing its commitment to critical measures like water conservation and clean energy.

MSCI indices are among the most widely followed and acknowledged ESG benchmarks in the global capital market, and their rating results have become a crucial factor in decision-making for major global investment institutions. A higher ESG rating reflects a company's robust management and standardized governance. GanfengLithium places great importance on the impact of its business activities on the environment, society, and governance. Through a sustainable development organizational structure, the company is dedicated to supporting the sustainable improvement of the entire lithium supply chain. The upward adjustment in the MSCI rating is a positive recognition of GanfengLithium's continuous progress in the ESG domain.

GanfengLithium not only pursues the greenness of its results but also focuses on the greenness of its production processes. In the production process, the company continuously increases the proportion of green energy sources such as photovoltaics. It has implemented measures like zero wastewater discharge, dust reduction in storage, and denitrification technology to create an environmentally friendly production line. In the operational phase, through photovoltaic + energy storage operation and the recycling of by-products, GanfengLithium is developing a low-carbon and circular development model. The company has set energy and resource consumption targets for 2025, progressively optimizing the energy use structure, utilizing clean energy, and reducing carbon emissions.

Earlier in June this year, GanfengLithium was listed in the Fortune China ESG Impact List and won the "Environmental Protection Innovation Case Award" in the inaugural Wall Street Horizons ESG Annual Innovation Experiment List. The company's innovation and active efforts in the ESG field have been recognized by rating agencies. In the future, GanfengLithium will continue to uphold the principles of sustainable development, working collaboratively with upstream and downstream partners to create a green and clean era for lithium batteries.


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