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#the International Day of Women in Mining# Celebrate the successful role of women in mining
Release time:2023-12-18

June 15 marks the International Day of Women in Mining. It is an opportunity to celebrate the successful role of women in mining, and their footprint in the industry through the centuries.

From ancient times, women worked as coal miners in many parts of the world. Although their role was generally hidden, today, the presence of women in mining has reached levels previously unthinkable.

Today we pay tribute to those who have had the courage to plunge into a world historicized by men to fight discrimination and open a new path for women in mining.

Talented and skilled women have been brave enough to break the traditional patterns and reinvent the industry their own way. They have earned their co-workers’ respect and the support of the authorities.

To encourage future generations to work in the mining industry, it is instrumental that we continue to honor women with the vision, innovation, and commitment to make this industry even bigger, better, and stronger than ever.

We celebrate all women in mining and especially those at Ganfeng Lithium.
Please continue to CREATE UNLIMITED VALUE!
Happy International Day of Women in Mining!


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