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Ganfeng organized a voluntary waste collection event
Release time:2023-12-18

Ganfeng recently organized a voluntary waste collection event that spanned the entire area between the "Alta Montaña" Instruction Center and the "Las Nubes" Train Station in San Antonio de Los Cobres, Salta, Argentina.

The HSE Department has been proactively promoting activities that support communities near our projects and those en route to them. As part of these efforts, the Environmental Department started a cleanup campaign to collect scattered waste along the roadsides of San Antonio. What made this initiative particularly valuable was the involvement of city office personnel. For many of our staff, who primarily work in the city, this was a unique opportunity to both contribute to environmental management and explore a region they might not have had the chance to visit otherwise due to their desk-bound roles.

In just 2 hours, volunteers managed to fill nearly 10 large bags with waste, which were subsequently sorted and transported to Salta City for future treatment and recycling.

This marks our first volunteering initiative in an area of indirect influence on our projects. Looking ahead, Ganfeng will extend invitations to other institutions and the general public to join us.

Small environmental actions can lead to significant changes on a broader scale!


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