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GanfengLithium fulfilled its commitment in 2022 by donating a motor grader to enhance road conditions
Release time:2024-02-04

 #GanfengLithium is excited to announce the successful delivery of another road maintenance machine to the community of Tolar Grande in the Salta province of Argentina.


Our dedication is to create benefits for all those involved in the lithium industry's value chain. To achieve this, we consistently engage with the residents in our areas of influence through our Community Relations representatives.


Road infrastructure is essential for linking mining operations and connecting communities.


Understanding the importance of well-maintained routes for connectivity within Salta and beyond, #Ganfeng fulfilled its commitment in 2022 by donating a motor grader to enhance road conditions.


Today, we are proud to donate the second motor grader in the area to further contribute to road maintenance for the mutual benefit of both companies and residents.


We conducted a formal machinery handover ceremony in collaboration with the provincial authorities of Salta, the mayor, and the community coordinator of Tolar Grande.


We would like to express our gratitude to the contracting company CREC, which played a pivotal role in making this donation possible.


Juan Gilly, the Legal Manager of #Ganfeng in Salta, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We are delighted to bring to fruition the dream of another motor grader for the community, enhancing road conditions. We appreciate being the chosen conduit through which the authorities have turned this dream into reality.”


Furthermore, the provincial Road Maintenance Director revealed plans for paving works on the initial section of the route, set to commence soon. The Road Maintenance Office will also take charge of training the machine operators, who will be community-designated members as well.


We firmly believe that this collaborative approach is the path to progress. Through teamwork and ongoing dialogue, we aim to continue generating value for all those directly and indirectly involved in the lithium industry.


Let us persist in constructing a sustainable future together! 


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