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Battery grade metal lithium
Product introduction

Battery-grade (high-purity) lithium metal is a high-purity lithium metal product (Li%≥99.9%), with a silver-white metallic luster on the surface, no obvious oil stains, shrinkage holes, and no oxide and nitride impurities on the surface. Mainly used to prepare alloys and anode materials for lithium batteries. Battery-grade (high-purity) metal lithium and its alloys are ideal anode materials for high-power lithium batteries such as lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium carbon fluoride batteries, lithium sub-cells, and lithium manganese batteries. It is called "the new energy metal of the 21st century".


Product category and standards

Battery grade (high purity) metal lithium is divided into three categories, Li-1 (Li%≥99.9%), Li-2 ((Li%≥99.95%), Li-3 ((Li%≥99.99%), chemical indicators It can be negotiated between the supplier and the buyer. The product is mainly lithium ingots, the size is Φ(90mm~210mm)×(120mm~400mm), and the size can be negotiated by the supplier and the buyer.

Product advantages

Quality advantages: The product has low impurity content, smooth surface, regular shape, small dimensional tolerance, stable performance, and high reliability. The product has passed the EU ROHS and REACH certification;

Technical advantages: Many years of profound technical accumulation, 48 authorized national patents, and honors such as Jiangxi Province Patent Award, Jiangxi Province Technical Invention Award, Jiangxi Province Famous Brand Product, etc.;

Cost advantage: Independent research and development of unique low-temperature vacuum distillation purification technology, greatly reducing production costs, integrated upstream and downstream business models, and obvious synergy effects;

Scale advantage: The world's largest metal lithium processing base, guaranteeing customer order requirements.

Custom service

The chemical indicators of battery-grade lithium metal, the shape and size of battery-grade lithium metal, and the form of packaging can be negotiated by both parties.

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